First Love Patisserie

Hi Everyone!

it’s been quite a while since I ate a good mille crepes cake, in Melbourne it was infamously known among Asians that the best mille crepes can be found in a Thai restaurant in Richmond. As the rage for mille crepes growing in Australia, i also witnessed its growth in Indonesia through social media.

When I was in my course, some of my friends who are avid foodies, also recommended me this place, and she does know what she is talking about, hence without further ado when my brother’s girlfriend came over to Surabaya to visit and we happened to hang out in Tunjungan Plaza, we decided to have some cakes to share after tasting some samples offered.

My brother, a picky cake eater, decided to get the original flavor and green tea. So, here they are :

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Original flavor
Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
Green Tea flavor

Verdict : the cakes are really good, they were light, it was not too rich that makes you feel sick either. It had thumbs up from my brother and he does not normally like cakes.

Would I eat it again? Absolutely, and next time I would try the Belgian chocolate flavour


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