A Gluton Sunday – A Day full of Pork

My sister and her boyfriend invited me to have lunch with them.  It’s not an ordinary lunch,it was a lunch hopping wohoooo !! Something that we have planned to do for ages finally happen

So the idea behind this lunch hopping is that we go to several restaurants to have lunch, we do not have that big stomach and metabolism of a blackhole so we go halves for every plate of food.

It was decided that we will eat 2 Babi Guling rice from 2 different restaurants and Siantar noodle after, all located within the proximity of Jl. Karang Empat.

It was my first time in Karang Empat, and all you can see from both the left and right side of the streets is that everyone selling foods 💖, cheap yummy traditional foods. Legend said that there is an infamous fried duck from this area called Bebek Karang Empat that has existed since the teenage years of my parents.

And so long story short, the first place we went to is called “Warung Babi Guling Ibu Ayu Komang”. This place served Babi Guling in traditional Balinese style, with the crispy pork skin, free pork soup and a little bit of every other things.

That beautiful glistening skin of a pork,

The plate was very generous serving, with a mix of red and white rice, the whole dish was beautifully executed. They ran out of the pork satays, so we didn’t taste any, but for IDR 30.000 per plates, this is very well recommended.

Onto the next Babi Guling : Depot Babi Guling Grace. We shared a plate of Nasi Campur Babi. This plate is different to the first one, instead of having a crispy pork skin in traditional Balinese style, Depot Babi Guling Grace has deep fried crispy pork belly, shredded chicken plecing (shredded chicken cooked with sambal), and Pork satays that is cooked Banjar style.


We agreed that this one has more of Surabayan flavor profile to it while still keeping the integrity of Balinese style Babi Guling. The food is just more salty and spiced like other Surabayan foods, and the deep fried pork belly.. I really liked how crunchy it was and hoe it gave off very interesting texture combination compared to the first Babi Guling we had. Basically to compare it easy, one was like spider man swinging in your mouth, and this one was like hulk playing WWE in your mouth 💖.

The soup was better in the first one, but this one also quite fragrant on its own. If I were to choose between the two, i would go halves with both !!

Now into our third meal, Mie Siantar (Siantar Noodle). I was already dying a little inside, dying from not being able to breathe. As i favored traditional Indonesian foods over anything else, my sister ate the most of the noodle. The place actually is still very traditional, with the front part of the place being used for restaurant and the back part it seems to be the house of the restaurant owner.

When we arrived, we ordered 2 Jumbo size of the noodle because the price isn’t much different between the regular and jumbo size.

My sister excitedly say “they sell badak (rhino) in here !!, you should try!”. My glutton mind was excited at the thought of tasting rhino meat and my confused mind thought “….but this animal is protected….” it turns out to be Medan style of Root Beer….,Why did I expect Rhino`s meat in the first place anyway, too much pork has blocked the information circuit in my brain.


The noodle was large !! Served the description of Jumbo size very well. The noodle itself was fragrant with the aroma of pork oil, better than Noodles in Jalan Tidar personally. Apparently this place is well known and well packed with customers in day to day operations. Served with charsiu, wonton, and quail eggs the taste can be described with the big smile on my sister’s face and her clean empty bowl

So, dear readers. I hope this post helps to give you some ideas of where to eat when pork cravings strikes.  Now i need to go for a run up and down the stairs and few days of fasting.

Have a good day !







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