A Visit to Borobudur Temple


I last visited this temple which once the 7 wonders of the world site when I was a kid, so it’s been many years since then. Upon arriving in the Borobudur, we realised that it has changed so much compared to our first visit.

This pathway and lush trees didn't exist before
Pathways and trees

Now it has a long pathway to reach the temple, surrounded by beautiful lush trees that makes the area looks very peaceful. The stairways in the temples is now protected with wooden boards too which help preserving the original stairways.


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Borobudur now also has a lot of officials around to control the crowd behaviors which is very nice to see as i remember previously there was no prohibitions so everyone can walk on everything. Kudos to the regional government of Yogyakarta for taking care of our heritage.

Coming out from the temple, you will be bombarded with street seller seling souvenirs at heavily reduced price with less bargaining. You will still walk through the souvenir market anyway and has more options to choose.

Beautiful masks 😍, I want everything and I know someone who love masks

Although my dad couldn’t enjoy the Borobudur with us (because he was exhausted after going up the steps in Borobudur), but it was good to discover better management of our heritage site. Maybe one day the elders could enjoy Borobudur without tiring themselves…



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