RIP Julia Perez & Thank You

I for one, not normally a fan of Dangdut (a type of music in Indonesia) but I would listen to some songs by this singer, Julia Perez because the lyrics is pretty real like it’s taken from the moments in her life

On Saturday the 10th of June, my sister informed me that Julia Perez has passed away, she has lost her battle against stadium 4 cervical cancer. Even though I don’t know her personally, I cried, My sisters,parents, my maid all sympathize with her death and they aren’t even like biggest fan sort of thing

In the entertainment industry, Julia Perez is a singer, a comedian, an actress everytime she present on shows she always lights up the mood. Her emotions in all those talk shows are raw, she cries when she feels like crying, laugh and making a joke with no hesitation. She was not just acting pretty, she was not afraid to make herself look silly even though she was once in the 100th sexiest of FHM and MAXIM.

Julia Perez first entered the showbiz industry as sex symbol but she continuosly try to move away from that image because she wanted to be taken as serious actress,she proved herself by winning a movie award for her role in Gending Sriwijaya.

Not only beauty, she also has brain that she proved by completing bachelor degree in law. She seems to have everything every girl could ever dream of, fame, beauty, brain, body, and of course she was the desire of many men.

Despite the fact that she could be with anyone she wants, she was fighting for and loyal to one man named Gaston Castano. She was dating him for 8 years no matter how much resistance was given by her mom, she was in love and everyone could see it in her eyes. 

They secretly married in Australia only to be divorced 3 years later, because Castano cheated on her multiple times. Castano was Julia Perez`s second and last husband. Similar to her first husband, both guys never give monetary support to Julia Perez during their lives together.

Julia Perez always was a hardworker, real, charitable, her love to her man was also second to none, she was the embodiment of inside out beauty. Julia Perez had wealth yet her biggest wish was to have her own husband and baby, something that seems normal to a lot of people yet taken for granted. 

My sisters and I are so angry at the fact how unfair life is somebody like her is taken away from this world as such young age. She tried to do everything right and she tried hard,knowing her image as a sex symbol she proved that she embraced her sex appeal and feminity yet she wasn’t a player but in this hand of the man she loved,she caught HPV virus that delivered her to her grave

In the end, this quote rings true :

LOVE, when it’s given to the right person who can appreciate you and not taking you for granted it will end better than any fairy tale, but truly it’s one powerful thing that drives humans` souls.

Thank you Jupe for the days i was singing your song that lift me up during my heartbreak, thank you for the laughter i have from watching how brutal honest you were. Thank you for your biography book that isn’t only talking about your lives but showing us how to be strong women and lastly thank you that you have lived your life. 


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