Gudeg Pecel Bu Har

One day, my sister asked me what I would like to have for lunch. Considering I have not eaten REAL Indonesian foods for 3 years, my mouth salivating at the images of soto, penyetan, nasi campur and hundreds more floating in my head. I refuse to inhale everything down my throat just how i used to do everytime i went back to Surabaya for vacation because it was not a good move (read : 10 kg fatter in a month with neck nowhere to be found after)

So today, we decided to cross off one items on my list by going to Gudeg Pecel Bu Har to order of course the Gudeg Pecel. This place holds very dear memory to me as my dad introduce us to this place since we were kids and I always think this fusion of Jogja and Madiun food is a marriage made in heaven

I ordered the spiciest Gudeg Pecel and to my surprise my sister did too.. We were starving and luckily it didn’t take long for our foods to arrive. The Gudeg Pecel came with a rempeyek, sambal goreng kerecek (Beef skin curry), a side of the kerecek sauce,and some fresh basil for that extra aroma

Did it manage to bring me back to my childhood? Absolutely, the flavor is still there, as delish as I have always remembered. It was a satisfying lunch, and to see my sister panicking from the heat was an added entertainment (it is always fun, to be honest)

Gudeg Pecel Bu Harnik.                                                                                                     Jl.Dharmahusada no.112, Mojo, Gubeng, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, 602i5                        0812-3111-0800


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