Izakaya Jiro

Not knowing where to go around Glen Waverley for a good fresh Japanese foods (I know there is Shira Nui but I heard the quality has depleted over the years) and not being able to take Mr.M to city leave me with the task of searching for good Japanese foods around South Eastern suburbs.

it was a difficult challenge, I didn’t have much options because most restaurants close on Monday unless they are in city and Mr.M doesn’t really like the idea of going to city.

So i found this place in Hawthorn, the foods look goods, well priced for such Japanese tapas and well-rated in Urbanspoon. More importantly it opens today.  When i called the restaurant I was told that i have seats upstair but not downstairs because it’s a full house downstairs. I didn’t mind

As we arrived 30 minutes later to my surprise the place was not busy at all and only the front tables were occupied. We were seated straightaway without needing to inform that we have made a booking but obviously we can see it’s not necessary

We ordered some items to share and a bottle of Homare Yuzu Sake Alladin Bottle ($23) because Mr.M never tried Yuzu before, it delights me to introduce something new to Mr.M. It was delicious and low in alcohol content, Mr.M and I tried to out-drink each other in this

Tempura Teishoku
Tempura Teishoku ($11.80)

First come the Tempura, Mr.M loves tempura he said in Naples there is food similarly deep fried in light airy batter. Nothing really amazing from this tempura

Jiro Maki
Jiro Maki ($13.80)

Jiro Maki, the combination of the sushi rice and what the put inside the sushi didn’t manage to impress us, too many items of the same mild flavor really make everything taste flat. We both didn’t like this.

Wasabi Octopus
Tako Wasabi ($5.00) 

Tako Wasabi – Mr. M loves Octopus and Calamari, and he never tried this one. Wasabi octopus seems to be a pretty popular dish in Japanese restaurants as i have seen it in other Japanese restaurants` menus. I was expecting Mr. M to make strange faces because of the wasabi, but it was pretty mild. Mr. M said the dish tasted normal, he doesn’t like but he doesn’t dislike

Gyu Tongue
Gyu Tongue ($3.80 each)

Gyu Tongue – was normal, It didn’t have melt in your mouth quality

Wagyu Amiyaki Karubi
Wagyu Amiyaki Karubi ($15.00)
Processed with VSCO with 4 preset
Wagyu Beef Tataki ($15.00)

When I made the order for Wagyu Amiyaki Karubi , the waitress mixed it up and we got the Wagyu Beef Tataki instead, but we were so hungry that we just take the Tataki and ordered again for the Wagyu Amiyagk Karubi. Nevertheless none of these two were mind blowing, I couldn’t taste the ponzu sauce and the Wagyu Beef Tataki didn’t have freshness and complexity that makes us want to eat more, it was plain and mild all the way for both

The special : Fried Crispy Rice Cake with Spicy Salmon. This one was not that bad, but the cubed rice cake was did not elevate the texture of the spicy tuna. It would have been better if it was made thin and crispy so It feels smooth and crunchy. Imagine eating chunks of crunchy bread and jam…..this was how it felt, we were a fan of the spicy salmon though in fact as we were talking Mr.M just eat everything cleaned.

Crispy Rice Cake
Crispy Rice Cake with Spicy Salmon

Overall, it was a so so experience, service was could have been better rather than having the mix up order and strange booking experience. Would I recommend ? probably not, Would I be back? No.  By the way, we did not see any other large group came and we were there until the kitchen closed so we really didn’t understand why we were told that the restaurant is fully booked.

Izakaya Jiro

830 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn, Melbourne

03 8899 6609


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