The Turkish Tea House

Me :”Can we please go to that Turkish Tea House I told you about? I really wanna try before I go”                                                                                                    

Mr. M : “Ok, I also want to eat that Indian food again with you for the last time”            

Me : “Ok, deal, we eat the Turkish for breakfast, Indian for dinner, how about that?”

Since the moment I saw this place from Google I know I want to take Mr.M here but we never managed to go because it closes on Sunday and we always have late mornings on Saturdays. Being a man of his word, Mr.M took me here on my last Saturday in Melbourne. It was a beautiful drive on our way to Balwyn, there were scenic old houses, flourishing tress on the sides of the road with their color changing to Autumn leaves mesmerizing those who see

Upon arriving in front of the Turkish Tea House, we were quite blown away by the pretty ethnic decors and the hanging Turkish lights. The place was not very big, small compared to the popular Melbourne brunch places, it was full when we arrived but we didn’t wait  long to get a table. Upon seating, we were given the menu, the menu is totally a refreshing change to the Melbourne brunch scene,  not to mention that it’s very well rated and very affordable.

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It was definitely was a happy place for Mr.M that he can order a lot of Turkish bread to munch on. When the owner took our order we asked if Mr.M’s dietary requirement can be accommodated, in an instance he called the cook from the kitchen and the cook turns out to be a Turkish mother (perhaps his relatives?). She assured us that what we are going to order will be made safe for Mr.M. We ordered Sucuk Menemen for Mr. M, Quinoa Salad to share, and Manti for me

Sucuk Menemen, is like the Turkish version of Morrocan Shakshouka. Mr.M really enjoyed this dish, and he scooped all the sauce with the Turkish bread (we ordered more bread, they were was very fresh). Mr. M said this dish reminds him of a dish from Naples, and apparently the cook lady said that Turkish foods have similarities to Italian foods, well we learn something new !

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Sucuk Menemen

Manti is a homemade Turkish beef ravioli with Garlic Yoghurt Sauce. It was my first time trying it, it was unique and really good but would be perfect to share as it was quite rich. The homemade ravioli was very different to the ones we normally know, the size is much smaller and it’s more transparent than yellow, a really unique dish that really stands out and the small size makes the eating experience very different too. Would I order again? YES !


Quinoa Salad was good but nothing extraordinary but it could be because it was adjusted to Mr.M’s dietary requirement.

Quinoa Salad
Quinoa Salad

We finished the meal with a Turkish coffee and Ristretto and were given complementary homemade Turkish delights coated with crushed Pistachio. I actually bought some Turkish Delights home because it was so good and Mr.M loves it too along with Pistachio Slice that was equally good. We also had a look at the second floor where they sell imported Turkish decors and everyday items

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Authentic Turkish Coffee

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend and visits this place again, the food was amazing, service was very accommodating & friendly, generous portion and very affordable. We left the place full and happy that we didn’t even have the space to eat dinner (Mr.M even took the business card, and it rarely happens)

The Turkish Tea House

232 Whitehorse Rd, Balwyn, Victoria 3103,




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