Laksa King

Dear readers,  Do you know any cookies anonymous group for Mr.M to sign up to?

I actually wonder if such thing exist….

This morning before Mr.M goes to his friend’s house, Mr. M was teasing me that all the cookies i baked are his and I was chasing him for the cookies so that he will not take the whole bag and finish it. Mr.M kept running away while munching the cookies, as I was carrying my stuff Mr.M gave me two pieces of cookies,  and drove off taking a whole bag whilst I could only look helplessly as I know there will not be much left when he came back.

On his way to his friend’s house Mr.M called me to say that he did not realize he really take the whole bag of cookies as he was joking around

Mr. M : (*munching cookies) “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I took all the cookies with me”        

Me : …. “You…around sweets, you are really bad”                                                                            

Mr.M : “I’m really sorry, but anyway they are mine”

Knowing how much Mr.M loves his sweets, I can never get angry towards him, I just think it’s cute (more likely, I’m just blind). After coming back from his friend’s house, Mr.M took me to eat something quick for dinner, Mr.M was already full, so I ordered only 1 Assam laksa for myself in Laksa King near the Glen Waverley Station. Before the food arrives Mr M said that he will just try but he changed his mind, I’m not sure because the way it smells (sour & fishy) or he was just too full but i do know it’s an acquired taste which I love.

Assam Laksa
Assam Laksa, because I love sour and I love fish

The Assam Laksa is completely different compared to the Chicken laksa. This laksa originally come from Penang and you will not find coconut milk in the broth, rather the broth is a concoction of fish stock and spices. it served with shredded mackerel and shredded fresh cucumber, red onions, and mint to help freshen the palate. This branch in Glen waverley is more modern looking than the original restaurant in Newmarket, and the food taste exactly the same so it’s a good option when you are in South-Eastern Suburb and you want to have a reputable good laksa.

We ended the night by having some cups of coffee in Pescare, an Italian bistro inside the Century City Glen Waverley, the coffee was normal, but the time spent with Mr.M made everything so much better.

Laksa King

Shop 3/39-51 Kingsway, Glen Waverley, Melbourne

03 8555 0755

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