Oasis Bakery

Today we didn’t really know what to do, so I asked Mr. M if he wants to go to Costco even just for browsing and i always love Costco for their cookbooks and all those bulk prices, Mr. M didn’t say anything. As we went out to find something to eat I asked Mr.M if we could go to Oakleigh to eat at that Souvlavki joint that he took me because it was seriously one of the BEST that I have tried in Melbourne, but it wasn’t open. Mr. M suggested that we eat at Oasis Bakery in Murrumbena and I asked him if it was possible for us to check out Costco afterwards because we never been there together (Mind you, for me grocery shopping is romantic, yes, I am easy to be pleased in this matter, it can even make me goes from grumpy to happy)

Me : “Can we go to Costco too after? because it’s in the same area?”

Mr.M : “Why do you think I said to go here for lunch?”

Me: ” Is because so we can go to Costco after? Oh my GOD !! You are so sweeeet”

Mr.M : “You are an idiot…”

Me : *smiling from ear to ear, couldn’t hear anything, was too charmed*

As we arrived, the place was packed with families and kids there was no tables at all. Mr.M wanted to just get some stuffs from the grocery because there was no place to sit. Mr.M was interested in some of the pastries but they could not make sure that the pastries would be without olive oil.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset
One of those so affordable, good looking pastry ~The name made us laugh~

Looking at the plates people carrying, I set my heart on the mission of finding food for Mr.M to eat and find the seat. After a long consideration, I decided to get Ely’s eggs with extra Morrocan Lamb ($5) and a side of chips ($5) for Mr.M the waitress assured me that it will be olive oil and dairy free.

I ordered the Waffles ($14.90) because it has Lebanese twist in it with rose,pistachio, and orange blossom elements. I also managed to get a temporary seat for us because since the seat was too close to the entrance and the cold wind was unpleasant, we were kindly given a seat upstairs in the end, which was much better as it’s less loud and I could annoy Mr.M without straining my voice (told him I didn’t order any chips for him, and his eyes looked like it just had enlargement plastic surgery)

We were given a machine that will beep and let us know when the food is ready. It was around 15 minutes wait for the food, which was not so bad considering how busy they were. These were the foods :

Elly's Eggs
Ely’s Eggs with chips and chipotle mayo

Mr.M said his meal his is pretty good, but the Morrocan Lamb is especially nice. They forgot to remove the haloumi cheese, so I voluntarily remove it to my stomach. The fries was definitely worth it, and for $5 the portion was huge and the fries was crunchy and nice overall. Do yourself a favor and order the chipotle mayo too 🙂

Lebanese Twist on Waffle

As for mine, the waffle was good, you do not expect a Waffie kind of waffle though. The Lebanese elements on this waffle was interesting, but the waffle was a bit cold and there was something missing to cut through the sweetness, but I cannot complaint much as it was still interesting twist and the price was reasonable.

After having a really satisfying meal from Oasis Bakery, Mr.M wanted to drop by RSEA for his work stuffs, but it was closed, so I told Mr. M to go check out SAVERS together which is just next door in an attempt to make him appreciate second hand shop better. Unexpectedly, we spent around 40 minutes inside, with Mr.M bought himself an Indonesian batik mask and a vintage store sign. We were also so amazed by the old European ceramic dolls, and Mr.M couldn’t help to laugh and annoy me when I showed him Indonesian doll I found below ….(the beauty of both kinds were not comparable sadly..). 

Processed with VSCO with 10 preset

We went to DFO in Moorabin which was a strange decision for me as it took me hours to explore DFO in South Wharf, but Mr.M said not to worry, because this DFO is only a single floor. Stores were ready to close but we managed to squeeze in take away coffees and buying some chocolate from Lindt (was so cheap), I found dairy free chocolate for Mr.M

At the end of the day Mr M was successfully converted to appreciate second hand shop admirer as he said “Oh my God, this place is dangerous for me”. So, YAY !!, to more adventure with Mr.M in hunting antiques and second hand shop !. Today was another happy day with Mr.M, good food, good company, good laugh ! always.

Oasis Bakery

993 North Road, Murrumbeena, VIC 3163, Australia



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