Bun Bun Bakery

I remember the first time I tried Banh Mi in Sydney, it was from a very popular Vietnamese bakery in Mascot. I was delighted by all the flavor and texture that since then I researched about Banh Mi places and sometimes when the craving strike, will take 30 minutes public transport trip to get 8, for just my sister and me. Yup, we were girls with big appetite. I like to share good food, and so I always introduce Banh Mi to my friends who one by one succesfully got blown away

Mr. M has never experienced the beauty of Banh Mi so I decided to find out what is the best Banh Mi in his area. My choice fell on the Bun Bun Bakery as it is rated the highest in Urbanspoon. The place seems clean and it was almost closing time when we arrive. I took a combination roast pork with lemongrass chicken/pork ($5.00) , so did Mr.M.

My verdict : it was not really mind blowing, the bread was soft, the flavor just did not have any oomph that will make me come back for more, Mr.M also was just feeling nothing special about this, just cheap and filling. The service was very friendly, but for the same price, I’d rather have Banh Mi from my favorite place in Richmond or Footscray of course when I would be around the area. It will be my next mission to introduce my favorite life changing Banh Mi to Mr.M, and I hope he will be successfully convinced.

Nevertheless it was a good date that we ate in the car because of the heavy rain only to run back out to have coffee after in YOLO Cafe. As Melbourne always does, sunny and bright then suddenly rain pouring down I began to think Melbournians are very much justified to talk about the weather in their daily lives, it’s just a surprise every day.

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Bun Bun Bakery

1/288 Springvale Rd, Springvale VIC 3171, Australia

+613 9547 8289


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